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xAmeliaX Review of Crest 1 Hour Express

Posted by William Coleman on

Link to review on her website.


I’ve tried Crest Advanced Vivid Whitening Strips before and absolutely loved the results i got. It took two weeks using the strips for 30 minutes a day and in the end my teeth looked incredibly white, even whiter than they were after getting them professionally done.

Me = very impressed.

Recently i’ve been feeling as if my teeth needed a bit of a whitening boost especially as i’ve been drinking a bit more tea in the office than usual, so i went to re-purchase my favourite Strips when Cali White got in touch to tell me about their new and improved Crest 1 Hour Express Whitening Strips*. Excited to try something new and to cut out 13 days from my whitening routine, i gave them a whirl. They’re a breeze to apply, just peel the clear plastic strips and stick them onto your top and bottom teeth, leave for 1 hour and peel off! You can talk while they’re on and even drink water, you can barely see them so you’re not confined to the bathroom for 60 minutes with a UV light stuck in your chops! As i was wearing them they felt a little tingly during the first 5 minutes but that’s all and as soon as i peeled my strips away and brushed off the extra sticky bits i could see a difference.

The next day i couldn’t believe my eyes, my teeth were super white and best of all i had no sensitivity at all  – after just 1 hour my teeth were whiter than they’d ever been and it couldn’t have been easier. I honestly can’t recommend the Crest 1 Hour Express Whitening Strips enough, they even helped even out the discolouration on my canine teeth that’s always been a bit of a sore point. Last time my teeth stayed super white or about 6 months before everyday stains started to creep back but this of course depends on how much tea/coffee/red wine you drink.

You can find the Crest 1 Hour Express kit on the Cali White website a year’s worth of applications!

Would you consider at home whitening? Have you tried the Crest 1 Hour Express Whitening Strips before? 

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