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Which Crest Whitestrips should I buy? 3 Main Factors

Posted by William Coleman on

 Deciding what Crest Whitestrips is the best for you can be a confusing since there are currently 8 different products in the Crest 3D White Line. However do not worry that is why we are here. It is important to remember that all Crest Whitestrips are essentially the same product with the active ingredient of Hydrogen Peroxide. Differences in products include varying levels of hydrogen peroxide, advanced seal, and larger strips for bite coverage. With that being said we have come up with 3 main factors to help you choose. They are listed below:




1. Level of Whitening


You need to decide how many shades of whitening you desire. Do you have heavily stained teeth from smoking or are you just trying to do a little touch up whitening. Crest Whitestrips have varying levels of Hydrogen Peroxide which is the whitening agent. Currently Crest has a

whitening level measure from 1-5 ranking; 1 being the weakest and 5 the strongest. The two main factors in whitening is 1) % of Hydrogen Peroxide 2) Time of usage.




2. Convenience


It is important to be honest with yourself and your dedication level to completing the Crest Whitestrip Treatments. Most of the require multiple weeks of 30 minute treatments a day and It is important to complete if you wish to have the complete level of whitening. Crest now offers Crest 2 Hour Express and Crest Intensive Professional Effects for those less dedicated individuals. You will keep the treatments on for a longer duration of 2 hours per treatment.




3. Teeth Sensitivity


This is a very important factor when choosing from the Crest 3D product line. Teeth sensitivity can occur any time you are whitening your teeth and it just depends on the individual. Obviously the percentage of hydrogen peroxide which causes the sensitivity is a factor. The other main factor causing the sensitivity would be the duration of the whitening treatment. In the Crest Whitestrips product treatment wear time range from 5 minutes (Gentle Routine) to 2 hours (Crest 2 Hour Express). If you have sensitive teeth choose Gentle Routine, Stain Shield, or Vivid.




Price: Important Advice


Price should not be a major factor when choosing you Crest Whitestrips. Let me explain why. Although you should do the entire whitening treatment for full results. Some people are happy with their whitening level halfway through their treatments and then can save the rest for use several months down the road. For example: If you buy Crest Professional Effects which includes 20 treatments. You could do 10 treatments initially and then use the remaining 10 throughout the course of the year giving you white teeth for a whole year for great price.

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